Supporting the NHS and Key Workers

Supporting the NHS and Key Workers

Posted on 28/04/2020

Supporting the NHS and Key Workers

Showing our support for the NHS and Key Workers


During this Covid-19 lockdown our business has suffered like many others, however we have been keen to help and keep spirits up where we can. So inbetween the volunteering of delivering school meals and food to our local hospital, we have been lighting local landmarks blue in support of Thursdays #ClapForTheNHS 


We lit our local community building first and provided a colour light rainbow effect in the large front window. Using LED battens running in 72 channel mode we created a pulsing full colour rainbow! The rest of the building windows were backlit using Prolights StudioCob’s and externally Prolights Smartbats. This simple design was really well received with the local community, when the pictures were made public.


Our next project was lighting up the local parish church. This was more of a challenge due to the size of the building, but also the lighting of the tall clock and bell tower which can be seen for many miles around the town. With daylight now lasting well into the late evening and the beautiful weather on the day, we knew we needed some high powered lighting to achieve the desired effect. Using our Prolights LED StudioCob’s again we knew this wouldn’t be a problem. These units are so bright for their size and once darkness fell the effect was immediate. With a mixture of StudioCo’s on the inside back lighting the stained glass windows and outside of the building with various lenses for the tower washing the large stone walls, they provided a solid colour of blue light. We also used our Prolights Smartbats lighting the entire building 360 degrees highlighting structural features as accents. The Smartbats provide a really quick lighting solution to any environment, portable and with built in wireless DMX, they are our first choice now for so many events.


We were really happy with the results, and so were the local councillors who allowed us this opportunity. It is a little strange for us to produce a piece of work like this, that really you don’t want anyone to see live, as we want everyone to #StayHomeSaveLives but then having the public send their thanks and appreciation to us after seeing the images that we took was a real pleasure.

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